A Call To Prayer

Caleb praying for a friend in Central Asia

Caleb praying for a friend in Central Asia

One of the great privileges that we have in our work is meeting some amazing people who live and work in some fascinating places around the globe. While we miss these folks incredibly when we aren’t with them, we strive to maintain relationship with them even when we are in another part of the world. This week we are learning of three situations from three of our friends that desperately need prayer.

First, for the amazing family that hosted us in Central Asia this past summer. Each of the three members of this beautiful family are having health issues. It is clear that these issues go beyond physical and are nothing short of a spiritual attack on them. These folks are involved at a foundational level with one of the agencies leading the work in that particular country. Additionally, they are instrumental in aiding the church in that very closed nation to establish wholly indigenous forms of worship. In this family, the husband is in need of surgery on his shoulder. The wife is struggling with a protuding disc in her back. The daughter has a rash and some occasional bleeding.

Second, for a family that we spent the spring of 2012 with in Colorado Springs who are now serving in Thailand. This family is in the midst of a process of revisioning with God. New strategies have been given to them and they are beginning the process of walking those strategies out. The enemy clearly sees the risk to his kingdom that these new strategies are, and is attacking this family in physical and emotional ways to stop them before they get started.

Finally, for a young girl in a very closed nation in Central Asia. This young girl needs an appendectomy. However, because of the disastrous state that perpetual war will put your medical system into, it will be four weeks before she can have this surgery performed. Yet, this positions itself as a huge opportunity for God to reveal Himself to a lot of people who desperately need to see Him. It is truly an opportunity for His Kingdom–that place of orderly order–to come to a war-ravaged chaotic mess.

So, please join with us in prayer for these situations. Each one of them is poised to become a testimony of God’s greatness, mercy, and love. Each is an opportunity for Light to break into Darkness and Orderly Order to emerge from Chaos.

If, in your prayers for these situations, you are given scripture, words of encouragement, or other things from The Lord, then please email them to us at prayer@ledbytheword.com and we will pass them forward.

Thank you for standing with us for our friends.


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