A Look Ahead

Since we’ve caught you up on the past few weeks, we wanted to take a minute to give you a look ahead. Our calendar has filled up through late summer 2013.

December 2012

We will be home–at least for most of the month. We are excited to be spending Advent at our home church, Acts 2 UMC in Edmond.

During this month, our focus will be on blogging (we’re bringing back our Advent Lectionary blog series, and we will be writing our Lenten series as well), relationship building, conversations, and fund-raising. We will also be with Michael’s mom and family for the Christmas holiday, and then back to Colorado for New Year’s with our Discipleship Group.

January 2013

After ringing in the New Year with our Discipleship Group in Estes Park, we will come back down through the Big Thompson Canyon and hang out with Michael’s step-mom and family in Loveland, Colorado for a few days. After that we will spend time with a couple of different churches, and then head back to Edmond for a couple of weeks.

February 2013 – July 2013

We will be heading back to Central Asia for a six-month visit on 1 February. We will be in two different nations (three-months each). The first three months will be for a YWAM Secondary School called the School of Strategic Missions. This school is focused on providing the students with a holistic view of missions within this “4th-Wave” of mission that we’re currently in. The second-half of this time will be learning how to take heart-language Bible and heart-language culture and turn those into expressions of worship that are wholly indigenous.

How You Can Help


We need your prayers. Prayers are the one thing that helps us most working within the 10/40 Window. We need you to cover us individually, as a family, as a married couple, our health, our sanity, etc. Basically, in every minute area of our lives, we need your prayers. We cannot–and will not–do the work we do without prayer. If you would like to be a part of our prayer team, then please contact us at prayer@ledbytheword.com and we’ll add you to our prayer update list.


We love to talk! We would love the opportunity to chat with you and find out what is going on in your life and share more in-depth about the work we are doing around the world, and what we are dreaming. We are available via phone, email, or Skype. Connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. You can find our contact information on the Contact Us page.


We do not recieve a salary for our work. We are volunteers, and thus meeting our monthly budget is completely dependent on gifts/donations. If you would like to donate to our lives and ministry, then you may do so by clicking here.

We would be honored if you would consider making a one-time contribution. If you would like to commit to a monthly recurring contribution, then email us at giving@ledbytheword.com.


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