A Season of Advent

My second (only to Holy Week) favorite time of the church calendar is Advent. The idea of anticipating the coming of Emmanuel is such a wonderful time of reflection of who we are and how we fit into this grand story.

Emmanuel. God with us.

As I sit in a hospital room in Ocean Springs, Mississippi with my Dad, who is fighting an epic battle, I can’t help but think about the concept of Advent.

Waiting with hope for that which we know is to come.

Life, it would seem at this point, is a series of Advent moments. Series of moments where we wait with eager hope and expectation for that which we know will come.

As Christ-followers, we know how the story ends. We know that Kingdom will come. We know what the end of the day will bring. Yet, spaced between now and then are periods of Advent. Moments of walking between reality that is and reality that is to come.

Some of these moments are moments that bring immense joy. Others, however, bring sadness. Yet, through all of these moments, because Emmanuel has come, we have hope. We have peace. We have the knowledge that though all may be darkness now, Light has indeed come.

Emmanuel. God with us.

No matter how the circumstances may end up, Emmanuel has come. Hope is here. And in the end, God is working all things together for good.

I don’t know what you may be facing in your life. Yet, I can offer you this hope. In the bleakest of moments, Emmanuel has come. God is with us.

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