Advent 2012: Preparing The Path: New Shoes

As we did throughout Advent 2011 and Lent 2012, we are blogging our way through the Advent 2012 Lectionary Readings. We love this time of year, and sharing with you in this way. Our overarching theme during this season is “Preparing the Path” and our prayer is that as we march together toward the manger, we will prepare the way for Emmanuel.

A reading from the prophet Isaiah.

“I trust you to save me, LORD God, and I won't be afraid. My power and my strength come from you, and you have saved me.”

With great joy, you people will get water from the well of victory. At that time you will say, “Our LORD, we are thankful, and we worship only you. We will tell the nations how glorious you are and what you have done. Because of your wonderful deeds we will sing your praises everywhere on earth.”

Sing, people of Zion! Celebrate the greatness of the holy LORD of Israel. God is here to help you.

— Isaiah 12:2-6

I heard it said one time that God does great things for us to give us a testimony. While I think there is truth in that statement, I have also witnessed God performing miraculous works for people who don't even know who He is.

What a beautiful thing!

The God of Heaven working miracles for people who don't even know Him.

Don't serve Him.

Don't worship Him.

That's humility. That's love.

And, that's why we do what we do. That's why we “tell the nations how glorious you are and what you have done.”

It's for His name and His fame!

It's such a great thing to stand back and see God move on our behalf. To see Him perform miracles big and small. As I write this, I've just returned home from a trip that included a stop at a local thrift store.

My favorite pair of shoes is a pair of fifteen-year-old Doc Martens. I've loved these shoes since I first purchased them with some Christmas Money back in college.

But, years of wear has finally overcome these shoes.

For the past few weeks, I've been praying that I would find a new pair of Docs to wear. Here's the deal, Docs aren't cheap, and I would never pay full price for a pair.

And, then, today we stopped into this thrift store. There I found a pair of Doc Martens. They were my size. They were $9.00.

God looking out for us in small ways.

Before you say it's a coincidence, let me just quote Pete Greig (who was quoting St. Augustine). “You can call it coincidence. But, what I know is that the more I pray, the more coincidences happen.”

And, so, we tell His wonders in the world. We tell of His provision. We tell of His healing. We tell of His providing new shoes.

Because, our God cares about the hairs on our head so much so that He has them numbered and knows which is which.

New Shoes

New Shoes



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