Are You On Furlough?

We’re home.  Back in the good ole U, S, of A.  But what are we doing here?

We are often asked about the coming year.  What does it look like?  Are you going back overseas?  Are you getting a job?  Etc.

So, we thought that we’d take a moment and try to formally answer those questions.

The short answer is we are home and are still on the field.

God has called us into a work that requires both being overseas and being home.  It is a call that includes the US and the rest of the world.  It really is a two-point charge (to put it in Methodist terms).

Here’s how that works.

God has called us into a ministry of coming alongside front-line workers.  In this charge, we head into the nations (or to a location here in the US as we did last year in Longmont, Colorado) and come alongside the workers.  Our mission is to provide manpower for projects, help them sort through their vision, provide leadership development, ask questions, and–most importantly–pray over them.

Lots of prayer.

Workers on the front-line consistently tell us two things.  First, they’re tired.  Second, they feel like the church in the West has forgotten them.

We see our work as one that attempts to answer both of those comments.  “On the field,” our objective is to give them space to rest.  It’s to ask the questions that will help keep them on the field.  It’s to simply “be” with them.  To drink tea with them.  To talk with them.  To love them.  To pray with them.

Our second charge is to come back to the West and tell the stories.  To help the church not forget them.  To remind the church of the work that God is doing around the globe and ways in which they can partner with that work.

So, here’s where you come in.

We firmly believe that God has called us into a season of “telling the stories” throughout 2014.  We are looking for churches, small groups, schools, living rooms, coffee houses, etc in which to sit and talk about the work that God’s doing around the world.  We would love to come and visit you–wherever you are–and tell the stories.  We’d love the opportunity to share with you about the places we’ve been, the people we’ve met, and the things we’ve seen God do.  We’d love to share with you about some amazing people in some amazing places doing some amazing work.

If you’d like to chat about scheduling a time for us to be with you, then click over to the contact us page.  If you’re interested in coming and visiting with us when we’re in your area, then check out our schedule page to see where we will be and when.

So, no, we’re not on furlough.  We’re just walking out our calling step-by-step.  Join us on the journey!

Michael Speaking at First Presbyterian, El Paso, Texas.

Michael speaking at First Presbyterian Church, El Paso, Texas

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