Back in The Rock

We’ve spent the week back in Little Rock.  We came over here to check on the house, and see what work would need to be done to get it back on the market.  We were blessed by our fantastic tenants who have done a spectacular job at keeping everything up to par.  We did some minor work outside to the flowerbeds and raked up the leaves in the backyard (about 30 bags worth).  Plus, the kids had the chance to play at the neighborhood park.

On Tuesday night, we were blessed to have dinner and fellowship with our dear friends (and Board of Advisors member) Nathan and Lynn Kilbourne.   Love doing life with these folks!  Great people with a huge heart and calling.  Excited to see all that God has in store for them.  

We have spent the evenings with the fabulous Snider family.  This family is so special to us.  It’s been such a blessing to just sit, relax and share space with them.  We are so grateful that God has placed them in our life. They were pivotal in our coming back to God as well, so that makes the time even more special.

We’re spending the morning just relaxing.  No agenda.  Just taking a long deep breath.  This afternoon, we are headed up to Fort Smith to spend the night with Michael’s parents and grandmother.  Then back to Edmond tomorrow night.

Sunday, we are conducting two exploratory meetings at Acts 2 for our upcoming Omaha mission.  Pray that God keeps our eyes and ears open through these meetings, that God will appoint and ordain the right team, and that through the team’s work lives will be forever changed. 


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