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We are excited to introduce to you today to Bible Gateway Bloggers Grid.

Bible Gateway Bloggers Grid is a network of blogs from around the world that are focused on matters related to the Bible.  It is a collection of blogs that reflect serious desire to share about the Word of God and provide resources for discipleship of their readers.

For us, this means that we are connected to the foremost online Bible resource–Bible Gateway.  With its myriad of translations and paraphrases, Bible Gateway provides its users with access to God’s Word in a variety of ways.  Additionally, Bible Gateway offers a number of additional resources that help the user to study, meditate, listen to, and examine the Bible.

We are thrilled to be able to say that we are a part of Bible Gateway Bloggers Grid.  You’ll notice that our blogs now contain direct links to the passages mentioned on Bible Gateway, and that our Tweets are hash tagged with #BGBG2.

Finally, we encourage you to download Bible Gateway App for access to Bible Gateway on your mobile phone or tablet.

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