Catching You Up

Greetings from McKinney!

Wanted to take a minute and catch everyone up on the past few days. We’ve been a bit of a whirlwind the past few days.

Monday (18th)

We were blessed to spend the day with Mary Jean Powers. We spent the morning walking through some logistic issues of transitioning into ministry. It was a fruitful morning, and an enlightening time (especially discussions around budgets).

In the afternoon, we were joined at Mary Jean’s by Alicia Hutchings and Andrea Eakins. Both ladies are full-time missionaries. (Alicia and her husband David are in Okinawa. Andrea and her husband Dan just transitioned into a US-Based role after three-years in South Africa.) It was a fantastic time of learning about life in the full-time missionary world. We received some fantastic advice, and truly enjoyed that time of connection.

In the evening, we had dinner with Steph’s Aunt and Uncle in Ft. Collins. What a wonderful time this was!!! Very relaxing and rejuvenating for us. The kids had a great time playing with cousins. Wonderful time!!

Tuesday (19th)

We had two meetings in the Colorado Springs area. The first was with Missionary Training International. MTI offers a program called SPLICE. The program is focused on cultural transitions, yet appears to be oriented toward full-time, single country missions. While we will be changing cultures frequently, due to the orientation of the school we are unsure of the benefit that we would gain from the program. Please pray for us to know the direction we should go on attending this program.

The second of our meetings was with YWAM-Colorado Springs. This meeting was very informative, and helped us to further understand the mission of YWAM — specifically of the Colorado Springs base. We would be attending a Crossroads Discipleship Training School. The program includes a preschool for Caleb, and a Discipleship program for Emily. While we have a few personal questions to work through, we are excited about this opportunity.

Wednesday (20th)

We took time out to have a family day!! In the morning, we hiked two trails at the Garden of the Gods. We had lunch at PJ’s Bistro in downtown Manitou Springs. We took Caleb up to see the Cog Railroad. In the afternoon, we toured Cave of the Winds. (We have a couple of pictures, but will need to post them later since we didn’t bring the card reader with us.)


Thursday (21st)

We drove. All day. 12 Hours. Ouch.

Now, we are at my Aunt and Uncle’s house in McKinney. Today and Saturday will be mostly “stop and breathe” time.

Blessings to you all!!!!

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