Children are the Church of Today

This week in our Crossroads Discipleship Training School, we have Paul Hawkins teaching on the Character and Nature of God. Within his teaching today he made the following statement:

We have to stop viewing children as the church of tomorrow. They are part of the church today!

Often, within the church, children are looked at as the “church of tomorrow”. Yet, because children haven’t had time to have their spirit-man totally desensitized to the voice of God, God can often speak to and through them more easily than many adults. Thus, it is important that we not view children as the “church of tomorrow,” rather we make them a part of the church today. We need to teach them to cultivate their abilities to hear and obey the voice of God.

The Psalmist points out that out of the praise of children and infants, God establishes strongholds against the enemy (Psalm 8:2).

In Joel 2:28-32, we find sons, daughters and young men specifically mentioned as a part of those on whom God will pour out His Spirit.

Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 18 that they should become as little children. Children have a keen ability to hear the voice of God and to trust His word (they haven’t been taught to do otherwise). Jesus wants us all to be able to hear God’s voice and then obey what He says. The challenge then is that we must (as Nathan Kilbourne pointed out in our final Lenten blog) unlearn all the things we “know” about God, and move from a knowledge of God and into a relationship with God.

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