Engaging The Spheres: Arts/Entertainment and Media

For background on the ENGAGING THE SPHERES campaign, please review our earlier post: Engaging The Spheres: Overview.

On Tuesday, we presented a way for the Family to be engaged through prayer and finance with our family in the work of fulfilling the Great Commission.  Wednesday, we showed how Churches and Businesses can be involved.  Yesterday, we talked about the Education and Government sectors. Today, we turn our attention to Arts/Entertainment and Media.



One of the things that God has placed on Stephanie’s heart is to help the indigenous church connect the Word in their heart language with the artistic expression that is at the core of their culture.  In other words, redeeming the culture and turning it into an expression of worship to the Creator.  From a prayer perspective, we are looking for three songwriters, worship leaders or worship teams, who would be a “prayer SWAT Team” for Stephanie.  This team would be “on-call”.  We would send you a schedule of when Stephanie was going to be leading worship, teaching on worship, or recording worship music/expressions, and ask you for specific prayers for those times.


Financially this area has a couple of dimensions.

Stephanie leading worship in Central Asia

Stephanie leading worship in Central Asia

First, Stephanie has written a number of worship songs.  We would like to get into the studio and cut at least one (maybe two) albums of Stephanie’s own “indigenous” worship.  At present there are 21 songs that she has written.  We are looking for 20 people who will sponsor 1 recorded track at $100.

Second, we want to purchase equipment which will allow us to do professional recordings in live indigenous settings.  We have the technological backbone we need, yet we need sound equipment.  We have found an ALESIS set-up that will work with the iPad and allow us to record up-to 4-tracks in real-time.  This set-up will be about $550.

The beauty of this is that we will be able to provide to you recordings of indigenous worship from around the world!



One of my big desires is to write a book.  What I envision this to be is a combination of Scripture, prayer, and stories from around the world of how God is changing live, communities, and nations.  We also want to publish some of these stories here on the blog, and use video/audio where appropriate and safe.  We would like to find three people who are published authors who would be willing to pray specifically for relationships with indigenous believers who would be willing to be interviewed and have their stories safely told.


As with the Arts/Entertainment financial needs, we have a financial need to make this all work.  We need to be able to record the conversations that we have with people (obviously with their permission) so that we capture their story.  We would then use that audio/video to put podcasts together, presentations, and serve as source material for blogs and books.  This equipment is a microphone/app set-up that costs about $250.

Finally, we would  like to purchase a projector that we can carry with us everywhere.  The particular projector is a 3M ultra-portable and runs (with the connection kit) about $325.

How to say “Yes”

If you would like to be involved with the aforementioned items, then here’s how to say “Yes.”

If you are a songwriter, worship leader, or member of a worship team, or you are an author and would like to commit to interceding for us, then you can email us at prayer@ledbytheword.com.  We will make sure we add you to our prayer alert and will keep you up-to-date with our schedule.

If you would like to sponsor a track for recording, or would like to help us purchase equipment, then simply email us at giving@ledbytheword.com.

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