Engaging The Spheres: Education and Government

For background on the ENGAGING THE SPHERES campaign, please review our earlier post: Engaging The Spheres: Overview.

On Tuesday, we presented a way for the Family to be engaged through prayer and finance with our family in the work of fulfilling the Great Commission.  Yesterday, we showed how Churches and Businesses can be involved.  Today, we turn our attention to Education and Government.



We are looking for people who work in the field of education–public or private–that will be willing to pray for the education of Emily and Caleb.  We homeschool, and it is going well.  Yet, it is hard to find consistency when your school room is a different room, building, country each day.  We ask that you would take a couple of minutes each day and pray for our kids to learn well.

We would also like to find a couple of school classes that would be willing to take a couple of minutes each day to pray for us.  We will provide you with prayer updates as well as make time available to Skype your class/send video/etc.

Emily leading prayer at Community Night

Emily leading prayer at Community Night

We are also looking for a couple of homeschool students who would like to be “pen pals” with Emily and Caleb.  We would want to facilitate this through email due to our travel and need to secure the communications.  Yet, this would help them stay connected to a friend.


We are looking for two options of financial engagement in the Education arena.  First, we are looking for a school (we understand this will likely be a Christian school) who is willing to partner with us during the school year.  Second, we are looking for three school/Sunday School/homeschool co-op classes who would be willing to partner.

With either grouping this looks the same.  We are looking for each person in the school/school group to bring $1 each month.  The school/group would write one check each month for the total donation amount.

We would keep each group involved in our ministry through regular updates and when we are in your area would make ourselves available to be face-to-face with your group.



What a huge opportunity we have with this one.  We are looking for three to five government employees (local, state, or federal) who are willing to commit to pray for government related issues as they arise.  For instance, we are working through the process of VISAs for an upcoming trip.  If you were one of these people, we would engage you through this process.  While we are in other nations, we would simply ask that you pray for favor from governmental officials.


When I saw the part of the white board that was headed “Government” in my dream, I couldn’t image what would be on it.  But, then it was very clear.  We pay taxes on every dime that is donated to our work, and we pay governmental fees in the form of VISAs, passport renewals, etc.  For 2013, we anticipate these taxes and fees to be about 25% of our total budget.  What we are looking for in this area is one person who will commit to paying these taxes and fees.

If you feel compelled to be a part of this yet don’t feel that you can commit to the full amount, then maybe you can afford to help us with VISA expenses.  For 2013, we anticipate these being $180 each for the four of us (total of $720).  Or, maybe you want to take one month worth of taxes.  We’re open to any/all of the above.

How to say “Yes”

If you’re in the education or governmental arena and wish to be involved then here’s how to say “Yes.”

To commit to interceding for us as a educator, school group, school, or a government employee, you can email us at prayer@ledbytheword.com.  We will make sure we add you to our prayer alert and will keep you up-to-date with our schedule.

If you want to partner with us financially, then simply email us at giving@ledbytheword.com.  If you are a school or school group, then please let us know the amount to which you are committing monthly.  If you are committing to covering governmental fees and taxes, then please let us know if you’re signing up for all of it or a smaller amount.

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