Engaging The Spheres: Family

For background on the ENGAGING THE SPHERES campaign, please review our earlier post: Engaging The Spheres: Overview.

The first of the seven spheres we’d like to engage is Family.  We believe that when God calls us to do something, He calls the entire family.  That’s the reason that Emily and Caleb are a part of this work that we do around the world.  God has called the entire family.

Our family inside the AyaSofya

Our family inside the AyaSofya

We also believe that when God calls us to provide prayer or financial support to a church, missionary, missions agency, or another place, He calls our entire family to be a part of that work.  Each of us are responsible to pray, raise funds, etc. for that call.

With that in mind, and understanding that at the center of the Seven Spheres of Influence is Family, we would like to ask your family to be a part of our work.


We are building an intercession team for our family.  Each of us are finding five individuals that will cover us in prayer on a daily basis.  Stephanie and I are identifying five married couples to cover our marriage in prayer.  We are also looking for five families who will commit that they will cover our family in prayer.

We will support you in this commitment, by adding you to a regular prayer alert that will come in your email box.  This email will highlight the areas in which we individually need prayer, and in which we need prayer as a family.  All we ask is that each day (meal time, bed time, on the way to school, etc) you spend a few minutes praying–as a family–for our family.   If God gives you a word, verse, picture, image, feeling, etc. during that time of prayer, let us know.  It’s really that simple.  We give you specific prayer needs, and you cover us in prayer.

We should also say that this is reciprocal.  You will be prayed for by our family.  So bubble your prayer concerns back to us.


We are also looking for at least five families who will commit to supporting us financially.  Yet, we don’t want this to just be that Mom and Dad write a check each month.  We want your whole family engaged!

So, here’s what we would like to see.  Each person in the family is responsible for raising $10 each month.  For the kids, this could look like doing chores for mom and dad, raking the neighbors yard, etc.  For a family of 4, you would send a donation each month of $40.  Each member of the family will be contributing $10 each month.

How to say “Yes”

If your family is one of the families that God is asking to join us, then here’s how you say “Yes.”

To become a family committed to praying for our family email us at prayer@ledbytheword.com.  We will make sure we add you to our prayer alert and will keep you up-to-date with our schedule.

If your family would like to join us financially, then simply email us at giving@ledbytheword.com.  As a means of making sure our contact information is up-to-date, let us know the names, ages, and birthdates of each of your family members.  Unless you state otherwise, we will assume that you intend to commit to $10 per month per family member.  If you want or need to do more or less, then let us know what that amount will be so we can budget accordingly.

One last thing.  If you are not married, or you are and don’t have kids (or they’ve flown the nest), then you can still be a part of this.  Same rules apply!  We’d love to have you be a part of our ministry.


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