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It is with great joy that I announce that donations to Led By The Word are now tax-deductible!!


One of the key reasons for our recent trip to Colorado was to meet with Get the Word Out!, an established mission organization whose mission it is to “awaken the Church to the power of the Word of God, so that each disciple of Jesus learns to hear God’s voice through His Word.”

Get the Word Out! has been an instrumental ministry throughout the path God has set us on.  Our recent trip into the interior of Mexico was with Get the Word Out!  Additionally, in that trip as well as throughout the past year, Get the Word Out! has discipled, mentored, supported and blessed us on numerous occasions.

We are excited to report that we have partnered with Get the Word Out! as a covering organization for us!  We will be able to process our donations through Get the Word Out! rather than establishing a separate non-profit organization.

The other huge benefit of this partnership is that it allows us to work under the covering of an established ministry and draw on their wisdom, knowledge and leadership.


There are a couple of answers.

For us, it means that we have a partner organization that will serve as our Board of Directors and our covering organization.  It means that we do not have to go establish our own 501(c)(3).  Most importantly for us, it means that we are discipled, mentored and set up for success.

For you, it means that your donation is tax-deductible!  (That’s actually good news for both you and us!)


When you want to partner with Led By the Word through financial support, the offering may be given on Get the Word Out!’s website.  Under the Donate tab of the Get the Word Out! site, there will be an option to support Michael and Stephanie Simants.  Enter the amount you desire to donate and select Michael and Stephanie Simants.  Then submit your payment information on the secure site and you will receive a receipt from us noting the amount you have given.

If you prefer to mail a check or money order, it may be sent to the address below and made payable to:


Get the Word Out!
PMB #321
1610 Pace St., Unit 900
Longmont, CO 80501


Due to IRS restrictions, our name cannot be written anywhere on the check.  In order to designate that you wish for your donation to support Led By the Word, a sticky note or a note on a separate paper accompanying the check or money order may indicate that the money is for support of Led By the Word or Michael and Stephanie Simants.

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