God’s Blessings in Unexpected Packages

Walking into full-time ministry with a load of student loan debt isn’t ideal, and we know that.  But, we also know that God has chosen us and has clearly led us into this ministry at this specific time.  So, we’ve been obedient and trusted God, since, after all, He is our Father, our Shepherd, our Light.

While Michael was spending time with Jesus in a 24-7 Prayer room one night during Lent, God told him that He would take care of one of our two student loans by Easter.  We made the last payment on that loan on Good Friday–God provided it all!

The balance of the second student loan was twice as much as the first.  We didn’t understand or know how or when God would provide for that loan, but we trusted Him.  Through a completely-out-of-our-hands circumstance, God has now provided a full one-time payment to pay off the second loan entirely.

In five months, God has provided all that was needed to pay off $55,000 in student loans!!  Our only remaining debt at all is our house, which–once it sells–will be completely paid off.  We will be debt-free!

We want to give God all the glory and honor and thanks and praise for being so faithful and sufficient as our God and Lord!  And the Bible commands us to tell, to declare, to proclaim what God has done!  So we acknowledge that this was all done for us by YHWH, and not by our own hand.  He is all we need!!

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