Jesus and His Personality

This week’s topic in our Crossroads Discipleship Training School is one of my “passion topics”–team dynamics, interpersonal relationships, personality typing, etc. I love this stuff!

In our class, we have been examining the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator. For Steph and I, we have found that we are polar opposites (she is ISFJ and I am ENTP).

It got me to thinking about the team that Jesus put together to aid Him in His ministry. What an interesting group of people. For some of them, they found within the team opposing political views. Some were fishermen and others were business men. Some were educated and some were less educated. You get the idea. It was a diverse group.

While we have a lot of stories of a couple of these individuals, and could likely deduce from those stories the root behavioral types, I have been thinking more about their Leader.

So, using the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicators, I have come to theorize regarding how Jesus would score on this test.

The stock answer in many Christian circles is that Jesus was a perfect blend of all. While I used to think that same thing, I’ve come to believe that to be an easy way out. So, here is my observation and why I think it.

Jesus was a ESFP.

ESFPs are people who tend to live in the moment. Their focus is on the moment. While they can see the larger picture, they thrive on working from moment-to-moment. They take interruptions in stride (most of Jesus’ recorded work was interruptions). They work to ensure that everyone (even the interrupter) are included.

When controversy arising, the ESFP will tend to use diversionary questions to change the course of the discussion. We see Jesus doing this often when confronted by the religious leaders of His day. He chose to teach in parables that purposely (Matthew 13:11-17) were not completely understood by many of the people to whom He was speaking.

Jesus loved life and people. He made His (and the Disciples) work fun. He enjoyed a good laugh.

Unchecked, the ESFP would struggle to get their goals accomplished. They need a benchmark and a constant reminder of the mission at hand. Throughout His recorded life, we find Jesus in times of communion with His Father. I have come to believe that these conversations, the Mount of Transfiguration, and Gethsamene are examples of Him returning to the benchmark to find how He was progressing in the mission.

Now, the disclaimer.

I could easily be totally out in left field. And I’m ok with that. Jesus’ personality traits do not diminish the work He accomplished on the cross. So, feel free to disagree. I’m just a highly theoretical person theorizing (which for my personality type is how I process and recharge).

So, what is your MBTI? You can find out here.


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