Kingdom Came

Sunday morning at church we heard an amazing story. It was the story of a man who had come to be a follower of İsa (Jesus).

What made the story most profound was that it was told by the man himself. It wasn't a story we heard second-hand. It was his story.

His journey started a few months ago. His wife had come to follow, and he noticed that she wasn't the same person as she had been before. He noticed that she had peace. He noticed that she had joy.

He came to the church to find out why she was different.

He told us how as he met people in the church, he found that his wife wasn't the only one with these characteristics. He also said–and this was in my mind very significant–that what he noticed the most about these church people was they were family.

He began attending a Wednesday night Bible study and sitting down with the Pastor and talking about following Jesus.

A couple of weeks ago, he told us, the Pastor preached on Blind Bartimaeus. “I felt as if I could see,” he said.

Then, last week, as the Pastor preached, he said that the decided to follow İsa. He told the Pastor that he needed to go public with his decision.

So, together, on Easter Sunday, we rejoiced with him at life resurrected. We rejoiced at God's immeasurable grace.

We rejoice that Kingdom came.

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