Kuş14 – Photo Journal 1

On Sunday, 13 October, we flew out of Oklahoma City headed for Kuşadası. We had an hour-and-a-half delay in Oklahoma City due to the recent Air Traffic Control issues in Chicago. This basically ate up our entire layover in Chicago. So, we ran like we were being chased by bulls through O'Hare and made it to our connecting flight to Munich in the nick-of-time. We arrived in İzmir about 21 hours after leaving Oklahoma City unscathed and with all our luggage. Both of which were nothing less than miracles.

We spent the past few days getting used to our new neighborhood and establishing a new normal. We have a fantastic Villa about a 3 minute walk from the water in an area of town called Kandılar Denizi.

We've explored our neighborhood both on foot and on the Dolmuş (which is a form of public transportation). One day, Emily and I rode the Dolmuş that stops outside of our Villa. Our goal was to ride it throughout it's entire route making notes as to where it stopped and how far (timewise) that was from our Villa. We got kicked off twice–once at the end of the line and the second time because the guy didn't understand what we were trying to accomplish.

We attended church on Sunday at New Covenant (the church that is Pastored by the family which we are here to serve). Had a great time there. Afterwards, we walked through the neighborhood where we stayed when we were in this city 2 years ago, and ate lunch at a great place called Saray (same menu as they had when we ate there back then).

We ended our Sunday with a walk along the Kandılar Denizi. It was about 70° with a breeze coming off the sea. But, there was a remarkable sunset.



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