Lent 2013: God’s Riches Are Not Exhausted

As we have done throughout previous Lenten and Advent seasons, we are again blogging through the Lectionary readings in this Lenten season. This year, however, due to our travels in Central Asia, we have asked a number of guests to blog for us. These guests are individuals who are influential in our lives and work. We're honored to share this space with them–and with you–in this season of reflection.

A reading from the Prophet Isaiah

I am the Lord, your Holy One, the Creator of Israel, your King.” Thus says the Lord, who makes a way in the sea, a path in the mighty waters, who brings forth chariot and horse, army and warrior; they lie down, they cannot rise, they are extinguished, quenched like a wick: “Remember not the former things, nor consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. The wild beasts will honor me, the jackals and the ostriches, for I give water in the wilderness, rivers in the desert, to give drink to my chosen people, the people whom I formed for myself that they might declare my praise.

— Isaiah 43:15-21 (ESV)

I remember praying for Michael one evening at a prayer gathering when we were in a time of waiting on The Lord for a breakthrough. The miracles God had already performed on our behalf had left us in awe of Him, but to be honest, we were both beginning to fear that we had received as much of the big miracles from Him that we were going to receive. We believed He would still watch over us, care for us, and provide for us, but as far as the knock-your-socks-off going far beyond our wildest dreams miracles, we were starting to figure one can only have so many of those per lifetime.

As I was praying for Michael, God began to fix my eyes back on Him again and on who He is as our Father and our God. As my mind was filled with the knowledge of the glory of God, my faith began to rise again as God began to restore that childlike faith that believes that God is love and able and almighty, and He is a God who blesses. I realized that we could never exhaust the imagination of our Father God! How foolish and wrong to ever have entertained the thought that He was through with blessing us! I had magnified my challenges rather than my Lord.

Though the Israelites had seen God perform mighty works and wondrous deeds, He had not even begun! We have not seen all The Lord can do. God has been revealing Himself to mankind from the beginning of creation, and we still only have the faintest glimpse of His majesty. He delights to give us a fuller understanding of Himself.

Father God, I read the things you did in days long ago, I hear testimonies of your goodness from my brothers and sisters in Christ, and I see the incredible way You have moved mountains in my life. Help me not to take all those many stories, put them in a box and try to fit You in it, thinking that You must certainly be ready to retire after all those displays of your love and power. Help me to regard all those stories as just beginning of all you will do. I confess that You are bigger than I could ever imagine! Show me Your glory that I may declare it among the nations! For Your glory! Amen.

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