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We promised a couple of weeks ago that we would update you on our housing situation. Unfortunately, life has decided to get a bit in the way, and this update is a couple of weeks late. Our apologies for that delay.

As you all remember from earlier posts, we had our house on the market. We listed it on June 6. By July 16 we had about 10 showings. Yet, it seemed that no one wanted to buy it.

Needless to say, we were a little bit frustrated, and went into the “God you told us” mode. During prayer times regarding the house random answers seemed to keep popping up.

For Steph, it was a single word: “wait”. Nothing else. Just wait.

For me, it was the name of a fellow missions couple who are in school in Little Rock. No explanation. Just their names. Which prompted me to question God on multiple fronts. They don’t want to buy a house. They don’t need to buy a house. They are here temporarily.

It didn’t make sense.

Yet, we stayed the course. Kept the house on the market and kept praying and trusting for God to take care of it.

We had come to a point where we had decided to just “occupy” until God moved. We were planning a weekly small group, converting a room into a prayer room, and having nights of worship.


We were in Colorado preparing to head to Edmond for a couple of days before continuing on to Kansas City. It was a Monday evening.

Steph’s phone rang.

She saw on the caller-id that it was the wife of the couple who’s names I kept getting in prayer about the house. Steph chuckled to herself and answered the phone.

She asked if we still owned our home. We did.

She asked if we would even remotely consider renting it.

We had – early on – contemplated that option, but wrote it off quickly. We didn’t want to be landlords to strangers.

Yet, something about this just seemed right.

We agreed to give them and answer the next afternoon (we would be enroute to Edmond). We convened an email conversation with our advisory team.

After much prayer and conversation, it seemed clear to us that God was ordaining this. Little did we know how much.

Steph and I headed into Little Rock the next day. We had dinner with the couple.

We learned that God had indeed been working in the silence.

They had been looking for a new place to live for a month or more prior. Everything was falling through. Random circumstances (involving cats and missing application forms) kept stopping them from renting various places.

In their prayer time, they kept getting our names.

God working in the silence. Preparing the road. Preparing us. Preparing them.

So, we agreed to rent them the house. They moved in a week later.

We have relocated to Edmond, Oklahoma. We moved everything there, and have settled into a beautiful, peaceful country setting with Steph’s parents. We will be basing from there when we are not on the road.

We are incredibly grateful to our advisory board, our missionary friends living in their new house, Steph’s parents, and our Father God who works even in the silence.

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