Photo of the Week – 16 May

We've been remiss for the past several months as we've travelled around the US at keeping up with the Photo of the Week. So, throughout the month of October, we will be catching up with a post each day. Enjoy the look into our lives!

This week was the Turkish Süper Lig (the primary soccer league) championship game. The game ended about 930pm and it would seem that most of the town flooded into the streets afterwards. People were cheering and driving around honking their horns. The kids woke up, and struggled to get back to sleep.

The good news is that Caleb and my team, Beşiktaş, won! We picked this team in the winter of 2014, when some friends gave Caleb a Beşiktaş scarf.

When I took my walk the next morning, this huge banner had been hung from one of the buildings on the main road.

Beşiktaş banner



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