Searching for a Home

We’ve been in Edmond now for 3 Sundays. We have been on a hunt for a church which we can call home. This process is difficult at best.

Searching for that place where we can plug in and be fed, while being able to give away that which we possess of the Kingdom is hard to do. Yet, as we go on this search, we approach it as we do everything else. We approach it with a prayer:

“Father, show us where You are working, and how we can join in.”

We don’t want a place where we can just sit. We want place where we can learn, and where we can teach. Where we can serve. Where we know our children are able to grow in the Kingdom, yet are also are free to share what they possess of the Kingdom. We want a place where the heartbeat of the church (from top-down) is to bring the Light to dark places. Where no one is afraid of being “hands and feet”, or of what that means the face of the congregation will be.

We aren’t interested in “seeker-sensitivity” or “cultural relevancy”. We are interested in Kingdom truth. We are interested in knowing God and making Him known.

Please pray with us as we continue on this journey. Pray that we may clearly know where the Father is working, and that we may join in with that work.

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