Silent, yet Working

What an awesome day we had yesterday!

We spent the day in a Walk Thru The Bible New Testament Seminar. We learned a fairly large amount about the New Testament. How it all fits together chronologically. Perhaps the most striking thing we learned was the state of the world a the time of Christ’s birth.

Between the closing of the Old Testament (the Prophet Malachi) and the beginning of the New Testament (the coming of John the Baptist) is a period of time known as The 400-Years of Silence. It’s considered “silent” because God had stopped talking in His usual manner (prophets, kings, etc).


We can’t count God’s silence as inactivity. Even in His silence, God continues to maneuver things around in the background.

Between the period of Malachi and Matthew we find God preparing the world for the Messiah. He’s doing this through the advent of three kingdoms and their contributions to society.

First came Greece and their contribution of a single language. This allowed for communication to flow more smoothly.

Second came Israel and their contribution of hope for a coming Messiah. This prepared the hearts of the people.

Lastly came Rome and their contribution of roads. This allowed the Gospel to be widely-spread after the resurrection.

What a beautiful image of God working in His silence.

Is God being silent in your life now?

If so, then remain joyfully and confidently expectant in God’s goodness (the definition of Hope). God is working in the background. Maneuvering things into place. Making ready the path for The Messiah–Emmanuel, God WITH us.

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