Update from Colorado

Wanted to toss a quick update your way.

We have had a fantastic last couple of days here!


We attended the second day of the Missions Intensive with Northern Hills Christian Church and Get The Word Out. God revealed several things to us during the training that we either didn’t know or that we needed to be reminded of. While, I’m not sure how successful this will be, I’ll try to sum up a couple of the key things:

> The Chinese word for BUSY is two pictures: Heart and Killing.
> The Chinese written word for BUSY is four pictures: Heart, Killing, Stone Roller, and Mediocre.
> “We must be GLOBAL Christians with GLOBAL vision because we have a GLOBAL God.”
> God’s global heart (and His desire for missions) begins in Genesis 12:1-4, and can be found in every book of the Bible.
> God doesn’t send someone else to do your calling. So, if you say “No”, then God doesn’t have a contingency plan.
> Are we (as Christians) trying harder to be culturally relevant, or Kingdom relevant.


We were blessed to attend Sunday morning service at Northern Hills Christian Church where our friends Dave and Tara Powers (Worship and the Word Movement) were leading worship. Rob Kelly brought an awesome message that tied in phenomenally with some of the material from the Missions Intensive.

Pastor Rob discussed prejudices and how they interfere with the message of Christ. He pointed out that prejudices are broken in the belief that God is God to ALL people. If that is your central belief, then prejudice reveals a resistance to the work of the Holy Spirit.

He also discussed traditions, and how we can’t allow our traditions (cultural/religious/educational) trump what Jesus said. Tradition is NOT on an equal footing with Jesus, and when left alone tradition mutates into legalism.

Great stuff.

We then meet with Get The Word Out and had a phenomenal time of connecting with a group of like-minded people. It was a fantastic meeting!

After all of that, we were blessed to be able to take some time and visit with some of Michael’s family here on the Front Range.

All-in-all, it was an exhausting, but very fulfilling day!

Even shorter….


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