We’re Back!

It's been a long time. I'm not sure what happened other than we transitioned into our second country, got ridiculous busy, overwhelmed, and then out of the habit. Nevertheless, here we are again.

Since our last post (oh so long ago), we wrapped up our time overseas for #CA13. We are now back stateside and have been for about 4.5 weeks.

Um, yeah, we're way behind.

So, to catch you up.

We spent 90 days in a closed nation in Central Asia. We were working to help raise up indigineous worship leaders/song writers. As well as just trying to be a support to our hosts and anyone else we came across.

It was a tough place. We really struggled the first few weeks as we tried to navigate the influence of the former Soviet empire. The spiritual heaviness of that empire still has a firm grip on this (and other nations). It was a struggle for us to try and understand it as well as learn to thrive in it. Fortunately, God raised up people stateside and within the country to stand with us in prayer. Through nothing short of a miracle, God rescued us from our despair and we stayed. At one point, we even prayed about extending our time there.

Even though it was hard, we love the country. We love the people. We have new friends, fond memories, and a strong desire to go back.

At the end of July, we said goodbye, boarded a plane, spent the night in İstanbul (where great friends shared time and food with us), and then we flew back to the states.

After a week of sleep (aka Jetlag recovery), we jumped back into life here. We had a wonderful time with the folks over at Haven Heights Baptist Church in Fort Smith. We have visited family. Steph and I spent a few days in the mountains of Arkansas.

And, that pretty much catches you up.

Our goal is to get active again on the blog. We hope to post some stories and memories of our time overseas. We want to paint a better picture than these 1000ish words can–as well as share some actual pictures.

We do want to say a big thank you to all of you who prayed for us over the past few months as well as to you who gave financially to make the trip possible. God did amazing things in us and through us. It's so great to have you as partners in this journey!!

That said, we're back. Thanks for your patience, and stay tuned.

Em and Caleb on the flight home

Em and Caleb on the flight home



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