Last week, we introduced you to YWAM through a video about their history.  Today, we’d like to take a minute and give you some background on how YWAM landed on our radar and why we believe God is pointing us in their direction.

As we begin to talk with our mentors about the transition into full-time missionary service, we kept hearing, “you need to go to YWAM.”  While YWAM isn’t a traditional “missionary how-to” school, it does serve to help individuals (and in our case, families) “to know God and make Him known.”

As we contemplated our movement into missions work, it very quickly became clear to us that we needed to start with YWAM.  We needed to understand how to hear God.  How to know Him.  How to share His love to the world.

Everyone in YWAM starts in the same place: Discipleship Training School (DTS).  This is a five month program.  It begins with twelve weeks of lecture.  Lectures that cover topics such as: The Father-Heart of God, Who I Am in Christ, Spiritual Warfare, Prayer and Intercession, Worship, and others.  The rough structure is three-part: learn who God is and how to hear His voice, reflect on what He’s telling you, and share what you possess of the Kingdom with those who don’t yet possess it.

The specific DTS to which we have applied is geared to families who are in our position–second career missionaries.  While Stephanie and I are in classes surrounding the topics mentioned previously, Emily will also be receiving teaching on those same subjects, and Caleb will be in a YWAM Preschool.  In the afternoons, Michael will serve in various capacities around the base while Stephanie continues to homeschool Emily and Caleb.

We will live at a YWAM Base in Colorado, for the first three months–during the “lecture phase”.  Following that period, we will be launched into a two-month outreach into the 10/40 Window.

Additionally, by attending a DTS the door opens up for work within YWAM on a go-forward basis.  With over 1300 bases in 180 countries, there is almost limitless opportunity just within this organization.  While we know that God has more for us than to just work with YWAM, we are excited about the opportunities this presents.

Additionally, YWAM has an arm dedicated to using Business as Mission–something that is near and dear to my heart.

Pray with us as we await confirmation from YWAM that we have been accepted into their program.

If you would like to join our intercessory prayer team or our financial support team, then jump over to the Partner With Us page and let us know!

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